Pyar Banto, Nafratain Mitao!


Every 3 seconds someone needs blood. One in seven people entering the hospital needs blood. This never ending blood shortage is increasing day by day, and there aren’t any unfortunate or mysterious circumstances, just the reluctance of people. To bridge the gap, R-Fusion is project started to connect Donors with recipients using innovative ways of communication.



Imagine a newborn baby suffering from thalessemia, Imagine a women who is suffering from cancer. Imagine a person hit by a car, helpless, who has lost so much blood in an accident, dying in a hospital and he needs blood. Now imagine, if the child is mine or yours son/brother, the women is your wife/mother/sister and the person dying in the hospital is you or me! What would be our response? I am sure, we’ll do anything to get this thing right and will pray for something optimistic. It is because we know the feeling of seeing someone in danger or afraid of losing a loved one. Someone else, somewhere else, is also facing the same. Moreover, many of us probably know someone or have a loved one who has benefited from donated blood. Get Connected with us. Sign up for our volunteer blood donation program we will connect you with people in need at time they will need the most.



R-Fusion programme is to recruit blood donors for Blood Banks, City Blood Transfusion Councils and recognised Voluntary Blood Donor Organisations, IRCS, CBOs, NGOs and will be implemented along with them.We encourage you to be part of this noble cause, and encourage other to join us and save lives with us.

Why R-Fusion!

Only 5% of the population donate blood. 17% of non donors say that they have never even thought of it. 15% say that they are too busy and 15% of them are afraid of needles. Our programme focuse on awaring youth and potential blood donors to connect with real people in need and donate them directly right at moment. The Following fun statistics show some of our achievements so far.


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Active Blood Donors


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